Pinasco 180 installation Instructions

Hi All,

Just bought a new PX125 and Pinasco 180 kit, Pinasco exhaust and 24mm P200 carb. I have fitted the Kit nad exhaust but lost the instructions for setup can anyone help.
Also I have heard that i need to drill a hole in the air filter but where?


Hi Guys

Been on to beedspeed to order the jets.

main 116
mixer tube be4
Air corrector 190
slow: 48/120 plus 50/120, 50/140 and 50/160

I am having trouble getting the air corrector 190, the guy at beedspeed said they only go up tp 160.
Have I ordered the wrong part?

Thx Bob.

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5mm hole in the filter where the main jet (or better where the air corrector jet) face up.
It is a recessed part next to the main air hole.

spark plug: Bosch 4 AC, NGK9 HS, or Denso 27 FS-U.

Ignition :21°

carb set up (if you don’t have a racing cranck and not opened the cases transfer)
try to start with:

main 116
mixer tube be4
Air corrector 190
slow: 48 120

hope this help

1 more thing.

How far out do I turn the the brass mixer screw on the outside of the carb? Is it all the way in then 1 and 1/2 turns out?


Hi Again All,

happy with the scooter at top speed but it splutters a little bit at idle. I was going to fit the VespaTronic ignition kit but it costs about £200.

Does anyone know if these kits a worth it and what do they do.

Thx all



no oil in the fuel tank if you have a mixer.
The only time you need to put oil in the tank is when you replace some parts of the oil pump or strip the engine, so it will give some oil until the oil will flow in the sistem.

Thx Curare,

Will get back to you at the weekend and tell you how I got on.


Thx Curare

With what i had i set up as follows

main 116
mixer tube be4
Air corrector 190
slow: 50 120

Ignition :21° or there abouts
5mm hole in the filter where the air corrector jet face up.

Going just about perfect now. With the pinasco kit do i need to put any oil in with the fuel or just leave it?

Again thx all


if the air screw is the brass 7mm nut type it needs to be out about 2 1/2 to 3 turns as its a finer thread than the old slot head screw type

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Hi all

Fitted the kit and took Curare and vespadoctors advice.
pinasco don’t seem to get a good word from most but mine is fine, 75mph 1 up and 65mph 2 up (on the clock) and doesn’t miss a beat. This is on a standard PX125 with no gearing.
I bought the the scooter to do a bit of touring should I change the gearing?

thx guys