Pinasco 177cc cylinder kit upgrade for VBC 2-port engine


Hi from Australia. 

I own an early 1967 VBC 150 Super with a 2-port motor. I've had it since new and its now back on the road again.

I want to fit the 2-port Pinasco 177cc cast iron cylinder kit.  My model came with a Dell'Orto carburetor, SI20/15D. I gather that the larger SI24/24E carb offered by S.I.P might be better for the larger capacity cylinder. I also wish to use it with a Sito Plus Exhaust.

Does anybody have any opinions or experience with this combination of parts for my particular scooter?

With thanks


Hi Luca,

Thank you for your reply to my post. I was just curious about how you found out the the timing for the Pinasco 177cc cylinder kit should be 17 degrees before TDC? The instructions that came with the kit aren't clear because of bad translation. This is exactly what is written:

"For a correctly set up, make sure you have chosen the right carburetion, the advance of the ignition should be retained on IT."

I took that to mean that the timing remains the same, which is 22 degrees before TDC for my 150cc VBC1 Super. 

With thanks

Hello gnomeau,


If you go for the 177cc 2-transfer PINASCO, definitely go for the 24/24 carb too.


The SITO will work with this setuo, better yet though the SIP Road:


And the POLINI Venturi air filter:


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Hey from Detroit,

I haven't done it yet, but I have a '66 VBC and all the techs at the shops I've talked to say that that is the way to go. I'm going to do the same thing, I'll let you know how mine goes.  Please let me know how yours works out.

24/24 is what they all recommend.  I've already got the Sito Plus and it helped a bit, but the kit is coming.


Chris (vader19(

hi guys

to put the si24.24 you need to enlarge the reeed valve.the two ports are too small.

by the way the correct ignition timing for the pinasco is 17degree!

Yes it is likely badly translation

IT is the timing mark used on a PX 125/150 engine (to which the original three port kit was designed). Since PX125 use 18 degrees of timing advance, I recommend that you use this on your VBC as well. My VGLA has 28 degrees timing advance as standard and that would have created a big hole in the piston if I had not retarded the timing.

at 18 degrees, it runs nicely

Hi dude


A good choice !


Yes i agree with the 24 SI carburetor.

My recommendations are the following:



Oil Seals


Cylinderkit Pinasco

Racing Crankshaft

Gear oil

Carburetor 24


Sip Road or Sito exhaust




Hi there! dont forget to alter intake timing and crank shaft for optimal performance hmmm...[H]

hey Australia,

how's the project going?

i have a similar set up on my 1964 vbb with sprint motor. i have very good local mechanic that did the work for me, so sorry can't give you much technical advice. i know that i have a mazzy crank that he cut to allow motor to breath better. it is critical that you get the jetting set up correct so that the engine gets the correct fuel/air mix. i have been using synthetic two stroke oil and have been using a 3% mix after the initial couple tanks running in with 4% mix. once you get it dialled in correctly you will enjoy the power & torque. the sito plus exhaust gives nice power but is somewhat loud.

good luck with your project!


Hi Chris,

You kindly replied to my query on the S.I.P. forum in October last year about putting the Pinasco 177cc cylinder kit on a VBC 2-port engine. Thanks for that. My kit arrived a few weeks ago along with the Sito Plus exhaust. You were going to do the same on your '66 VBC. I wonder how its going? The instructions with the kit need some interpretation and said little on timing. From what I've gathered, ignition timing has to be retarded from 22 degrees to about 19 or so for a bigger cylinder so that it doesn't run too hot. Is that what you understand? Here is a link to my restoration project:

Its summer over here in Melbourne, Australia. I gather you are experiencing a very cold winter. Anyway, I'd be pleased to hear of your progress with the modification. My email address is: [email protected]

Best wishes, David