Pinasco 177 Kit Jetting for 24 mil carb

I've put a Pinasco 177 kit on and I'm trying to set the 24 mil carb up with a PM pipe. I haven't as yet drilled the air filter but I'm running a BE3 with a 112 main jet. Runs ok at low revs but is really sluggish if I open it past about 1/2 throttle - I guess the main jet is too large but I really don't know. Should I drill the air filter, if so what size jet should I go with and if I dont would going down to a 110 or 108 but leaving the BE3 be a better option?



I've put a Pinasco 177 kit + carb 24/24 on and I'm trying to set with the two choice of exhaust..

which one is better , simonini right hand? or racing exhaust jl left hand?

Pleaseeee , help me!

Use Simonini or new Malossi rh pipe, main reason is easy replacement of rear wheel if you get a flat. Most lh pipes you first have to let them cool down, & in most cases loosen them to change wheel ... also with most stainless pipes they will fracture after time, due to expanding/contracting with heat!! 

What is the SIP part number for the JL that is recommended for the Pinasco 177?

The S.I.P site says it should be changed, but will try without.
Mine is a 150 Special, but I guess it should not matter, as the note to change is for all.
Stella Stats site not working :(


Really looking forward to getting my hands on the kit (arriving today), hope to have some time to install during next week.
Did you have any trouble installing and did you do it without removing the engine?


I did not change the timing at all, left it as per the LML150, also as per the Pinasco 177 manual.

I am still running a sito +, but now with a 60mm pussy lip crack,

drt 24mm carb, and 125 main jet.... Check out the stella stats website for heaps of jetting combinations.

So far the kit is going strong!



Use the JL



for rear wheel i put on Scoot RS tubeless rim

I used a Px200 filter, its already drilled and only has the white layer of filter...


Great -thanks for that - I assume you've drilled the air filter as well?

as for jetting i would go for a 128 main jet but try others in the range

Okay2. Thanks. But..

what is the SIP part number for the JL that is recommended for the Pinasco 177?


JL pipe best


Iim running a Pinasco 177, Sito + and a 24/24, my jets are 118/BE3/160.  55/160 idle with 1.5 turns mixture.


Goes like a scared cat.


Do you have to change the timing when fitting a 177 pinasco kit, with a 24\24 carb?