Pinasco 177 kit for 1963 VBB

Hi. I am interested in putting the Pinasco 177 kit on my Italian 1963 VBB2T 150. The engine is original, on points and never been split or rebuilt. Can you tell me, apart from the kit, what other parts you would recommend I need for the rebuild(ie clutch, carb, exhaust, wiring etc). I am looking for a little more speed and reliability from the scooter. I want to keep it on 8" wheels.





better to use this Cyl kit:




in add. with a 24 SI Carb and a sip road exhaust - you will fly with your old lady....;-))




Thank you for your reply and opinion.

It seems the polini kit is a better option than the pinasco, please let me know when this complete tuning kit is in stock. I'm ready to buy.





Hi again,

I 'm wondering if after fitting one of the cylinder kits recommended, would the scooter run ok on points or would an electronic ignition system be better.




But isn't the VBB a 2 port engine block with a narrow cylinder base? In that case the third port must be either welded or blocked with a spacer. If so I would suggest the 2-port Pinasco 177 + a 20mm carb to avoid too much inlet porting (risk of leaks between crank and housing) + the SIP road exhaust or  a standard PX125 Piaggio exhaust if you want to save some money. Not as puch power as the Polini but a safer option with enough power for an 8" VBB

BR/Henrik B