Pinasco 177 head onto a polini 177 kit

Can I place a Pinasco 177 head onto a Polini 177 cylinder?  Is there any mods to perform and what benefits is there to doing so?  I have heard of Malossi's on Polini's.  Thanks in advance to all that take the time to help out.






The thing will work but the combustion chamber profile won't be A1 so you may get some pinking / pre-ignition noise.

MMW heads are pretty much spot-on for Polini kits I agree.

MMW is good to go without a gasket , the Polini set-up is ok but the MMW item is the real deal in my opinion.

Cheers mate will order the cylinder mmw head but in the mean time will stick with the polini and place a gasket in it since I do have the polini gasket on hand.

If I put the MMW head on will I require a head gasket.  Or can I just use the Polini 177 Kit (Cylinder Head) and put on a Polini head gasket.





It will function, but if you want good performance put the MMW head for 177 polini