Pinasco 177 fitting


Just started putting the kit onto my px 125 and noticed that when I slide the barrel over the piston and down the studs and then set it into the crankcase there seems to be quite a gap…probably something like a 5mm gap- i did assume that there would be a tight seal between cylinder, gasket and crank. Any advice as to whether this is correct…if not a any solutions.



Thanks for that tip, it worked perfectly. Was worried thst something was really wrong.




take the cylinder out, have a look at the base of the crankcase where the cylinder sit. It is possible that you find (bottom side cylinder exhaust part )a small piece of metal, a small cylinder of about half cm. high and of abut 1cm diameter. Pull it out with any tool you have at hand that has a good grasp.
This small cylinder on the crankcases it has a sit on original cylinder but not in tuned one. So if you don’t take it out you can experience the problem you have.

Its function? I guess is to avoid that that the cylinder could be mounted in the wrong position with the exhaust firing in the sky? or for allignement.

Tell me please if it is this this since I thought few minutes about it and it is the only thing I could think of.

… I am glad it was that.
Have a nice tuning.