Pinasco 177 cast iron

I need advice

Two days ago i buy a pinasco 177 cast iron 3-ports for my px.I put it with standard crankshaft,si 24/24 with autolube and sip road and i need advice for ideal jetting for si 24...curent jets are 160/BE3/116.55-160 idle with 2.5 turns mixture

Im running much the same with sito plus and home cut standard crank (11mm off leading face) 24 carb with your exact other jets

Jetting around 122 to start and then drop down

Be careful those kits do about 25kms to the piston

double check bore clerarance. Outa the box mine was 2thou (should be 4thou)and you will see all the drama in my posts recently

the exhaust timing was only 140 (opend at 106 and closed at 246

Id be interested in your numbers to see if I got one of the mythical "Old batches" before they were "revised"

good luck