Pinasco 177 Au Kit compatable problem?

Hi and I want thank those who reply from my last two postingl. This will is my third and probably my last on this subject. I hope everyone has enjoyed there holidays. I just learned, August is when most Europeans take there holidays



100% stock 2005 Vespa PX 150 Canadian Edition with electric start.

Pinasco 177 Aluminum kit for PX model.

Sito plus exhaust.

SI 20/20 carb will be modified with the Atomizer BE3 - 160 and a 112 or 114 main jet as recommended by the Pinasco Staff.



A few months ago I purchase the Pinasco 177 Aluminum kit from SIP, for my 2005 PX 150 Canadian Edition; and three weeks ago I recieved it and last week my professional mechanic friend began to install it. Everything was going well untill he dropped the piston in the cylinder and part way it wouldn't go any further. He notice that the electric starter was in the way.  


What is the recomendation or procedure to complete the installation? Was I sold a wrong Pinasco 177 Aluminum PX kit.  What is necessary? I am willing to be without the starter, however I prefer not too. My objective is to install with no machining modificaton to the motor, except in the near future I will installed a cut crank and upgrade to a 24/24 carb, to use up the recomended potenial of the kit.


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From the invoice the Pinasco PX 177 Au kit Art. no is 84100000. As far as the Frame number, right now I don't access to my 2005 Vespas PX 150 with e-start, disk and cat exhaust. This may help, I found, on the net, an identical US/Canadian model with a vin number ZAPM093D8550xxxxx.

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Hello to all who are interested, This is the reply from Pinasco


Regarding the flywheel gear, touching the cylinder, it’s normal, because the cylinder was made for the first model of Vespa PX without electric starter; you have to remove a 0,5-1mm of aluminum on the base of the cylinder and everything going well.


Good luck for your tuning  

Pinasco Staff


Problem is solved and I didn't lose the e-starter, Best regards rudy

Hi Dude !

Can you give me the Item Code of the CylinderKit (find it on your Invoice)

What is the Frame Number from your Vespa ?


this is the same as the dr 180 kit. you have to grind off a small amount of the cooling fins on an electric start.

On the Pinasco 177 Au kit, the .05mm-1.0mm grinding is on the cylinder (not on the sealing face), only where the cylinder is in contact with the starter gear; Not on the flywheel or any other part on the stock motor.


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