Pinasco 177 24/24 carb jetting & sip road

Hi ihave a vespa px with pinasco 177 alu sip road exhaust and 24/24e carb. What is the right jetting for my setup ?Now i have 160 be3 122 and 55/160 1.5 turn mixture. Am i right?

Hi, have you installed the cylinder "plug&play" (without opening the engine and working on the crank cases)? Anyway it is not easy, and not safe either, to decide the right jetting "a priori", unless you find one with exactly your same engine setup who drives in more or less your same meteorological conditions. I can tell you I had once a 177 pinasco alu (but not p&p, the ports on the crankcases were enlarged to fit the cylinder ones), si24e ans sito plus and I had just your jetting. Check the colour of the plug electrode immediately after having driven at top rews (for testing the main jet, it is practical to do it in third gear) and after having driven with just the minimum aperture of accelerator (for testing the idle jet); the colour should be brownish, neither too bright, nor too dark. Besides, to check if you need to adjust the mixture turns, after giving full gas and closing it, the engine should go back into minimum rew without remaining temporarily accelerated.