Pinasco 125

I’m looking to get a bit more power from my Primavera engine. The Scooter has been given the me and the engine is in bits. I think it will need a new Barrel and piston so i thought I might as well by a kit.

The problem is that they are all over 125 therefore it would not be legal for me to ride that in the UK. Does anyone do a 125 kit I thought I read somewhere that Pinaso did one. Does this offer more power than the standard barrel.

Other than this i was going to go for the DR 135 kit.If the pinasco 125 exists is it a lot less powerful than the DR 135 I dont want a mad tune just a bit more power. I was going to mate either of these two withg the Simonini Down and Forward. Will these mods give me more power over a standard motor and will i have to change the carg and gears?

Here in Italy the Pinasco kit is no longer available on the market. I don’t know in your country. The Dr is a good kit but I would prefer the Polini kit. It is very reliable and good to be bolt on without additional works such as matching the transfers and bigger carbs. Otherwise you can choose to modify the original cylinder mounting a base plate to change the timing.
For the exhaust I prefer to use the Polini right hand exhaust.
I hope this helps.