Pinasco 102cc and Polini 115cc

I just can't make up my mind and choose between these 2 cylinder kits:

- Pinasco 102cc (               

- Polini 115cc (

I want power and reliable engine at same time.
I was also considering of going to the 130cc kits but the fact of having to change the CDI makes the setting to expensive for me.

Can someone give an expert oppinnion plz?

I often use my Vespa (V5SA1T) to go to work, aprox. 40kms per day.

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Hi, you would better try 3.00, in the same kit I have 22/69 and i cannot pull the 4th gear...

you mean 22/63 (2.86)?

how many cogs had your original primary?

if you have msn add me to speak ([email protected])

I've decided for the Polini 115cc cylinder kit and I’m a bit confused about the correct transmission to buy.

Well, being my actual transmission the original one with primary 18cogs. So it’s the short version I presume.
The long version is the one with primary with 14cogs. correct?

Does this make any difference on what transmission to choose?

Should I buy a 3.00, 2.86 or a 2.56?

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