Pinasco 102cc and gearing

i am aiming to get a new pinasco 102cc kit for my 90 before IOW and i was justt wondering what would be the best gearing for it? i have looked at the 75-102 gearing kit which is a 3.00 (art no. 15300000) and the 85-115 gearing kit which is a 2.86. (Art.Nr. 15310000). which would gearing kit would be best for either: cruising and higher top speed or increased acceleration. basically what do these 2.86 and 3.00 mean and what are they relative to?

many thanks to all that help.

bring on IOW.

the best gearing for a 102cc in the 24/72 (3.00), it is very balanced for top speed and acceleration and you can adjust it if you want to with the alternative drt z21-22-23-25. Otherwise you can use the 22/63 which is a bit longer (equivalent to 25drt/72).