Pinasco 102 with original carburator and exaust

Hi Everyone,

I need some help. I put the pinasco 102 kit and the upgear16, but i don´t change the carburetor and the exaust.

I have someone that sell me the carburetor dellhorto 19 PHBG but i dont know if this carburetor is "plug and play" .

What carburator the "Expert's" recomend?

And the exaust what recomend's?

What of this pieces is more important, carburetor or exaust?


Thanks a lot, and sorry my bad english. [:S]




Hi dude


I recommend you to put the 19 SHB it´s just the right setup. Mainjet 82-80.

You can also choose the PHBG but with the SHB 19 you dont have to modify to mount it.


Is it a PK or a V50 ?