Pictures and detailing of the new M1XL

I have seen some pictures here and there on the web, but I can't find a proper explanations about the main modifications from the previous version.


I can't find either some details about the recommended configuration for this cylinder kit, and no curves showing the PS of this jewellery :-)


In my mind, I have this set-up (racing track engine only, no road use) 

M1XL (novemeber 2011) (cranckcase modified)

long stroke fullweb



DRT clutch21x67 or 21x68

DRT christmas tree 12 14 17 20

original gear cogs (58 or 57 / 42 / 38 / 36 )

RZ markone


I am wondering about the utility of a 60mm long stroke  cranckshaft and problems I could meet before finding the right squsih clearance...


any advice ?