Piaggio Skipper/SKR 150 vibrations


My Scooter has the Malossi 172cc, multivar, clutch etc

It has massive vibrations at lower and mid RPM, to the extend that it is not nice to ride on for more than 5 minutes.

Also, it feels like something Clutch or Vario does not let the throttle drop fully when throttle is released.


Please help out





Well, vibrations sorted - then engine mounts were stuck, all of them haha.


Well, when i release throttle to stop at a line, first the scooter drops in speed fine, engine go idle.

Then when I brake front or rear, the scooters pushes forward in rythm similar to the iginition/revs.


Then just before standstil, it releases and the scooter just rolls and stops perfectly.

I find this pushing reall annoying, it feels like braking distance is extended by many meters.


I have no idea how to solve this.

I have a similar problem with my Skipper 125 2-stroke. How do you mean drop fully? As long as the rear wheel is turning fast enough, the clutch will engage and bring the rotation forward to the multivar. It is not until the multivar speed is so low that the multivar plates separate enough to release the belt (basically idling speed) that the transmission "discconnects".

Very interested of knowing if you find the issue. I changed my worn variator recently, got a bit better but not significantly. Maybe the belt needs replacement as well because is sometimes feels like a resonance in the belt.


Henrik B

Sounds like you need a bigger idle jet, had the same problem on my skipper.