Piaggio ape 50 van

hi have recently added an ape 50 van to my vespa colection good fun but mega slow i relise it wouldnot be a good idea to over tune the ape as it handles like a scarry thing but has any body got any ideas on tuning it so it can keep up with town 30-35 mph traffic any ideas regards ape-man

YES! And good fun it is too. Im quite proud of it to be honest, the crank and main bearings were knackered and the owner asked if I could do anything with it. It now runs sweet as a nut with a reed manifold, ported cases, 16mm carb, DR 110 kit and he wanted 12v so we blagged the bits from a PK50. Crank, bearings, flywheel and stator. Does around 40 but still drops to about 25 on some steep hills we have around here. The cases are different to standard smallframe but there is no real reason, I think why you couldnt change to a 90/prim crank and barrel studs and go 135 with some porting. The one I did has just come back after a year for another mot. The test station insisted on windscreen washers because it had a wiper?? Washing up liquid bottle, piece of tube out and tape to the top of the screen. Squeeze bottle away you go, MOT.

sorry i just seen you already said what i just asked thanks

Hi thanks for info do you have to mill the casings to incorperate the tuning pot like you have to on px 125 to make it 177cc many regards ape-man