PHB28/MIKUNI/Koso28 with autolube

Helo everbody

Now i have engine px125lusso with polinii 177 with race crank & carb 24/24 with autolube with gear from Cosa 200 (22/65), exhaust pinasco and i thinkig acceleration it's no good max speed its about 100km/h maybe put carb PHB, Mikuni/Koso 28 (mainfold) with reed valve. I heard ... reed valve it's good in 2T engine, but it's one little problem i want autolube .

Perhaps who try this modfication.


This exhaust advised staff in SIPshop.
I told them my configuration :( adn told me it's good exhust for my engine. Beautiful sound - realy i like :) but i think polini kits its have better performance.

New exhaust SIP its to expensive like for me :(




it seams you need more performance. One thing: I have never tried polini 177 with the Pinasco exhaust and maybe the two don't go well togheter. Why don't try  an exhaust  like SIP performance or SIP evo? Both go preatty well with the Polini 177.