Peugeot speedfight 2 limited WRC

Hey i bought my scooter about 6 months ago took out the varistor restrict  and it now does about  80 kmh, i still have the stock exhaust i now bought a polini clutch and polini speed control kit. i am about the purchase a ZX and polini airfliter. Can anyone help me out give me some tips before i install all those parts in if there is anything else i should consider to put in remove or replace i dont want to install a 70 kit yet as they are very strict with the law :stuck_out_tongue: but tuning should not be a crime thank you for your response

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 Hey Mate i think we may have the same scoot, i've got the 05 wrc307 red/white edition, anyway, how do you take off the variator restrict? i jus got the polini speedcontrol kit imported from the UK as i'm in JA, and need some help installing it...any would be appreciated


fit the zx and upjet your bike with the air filter you are fitting also put a bigger carb on will help alot that is one of the key parts of tunning i got a 21mm carb on my honda wich is basicl the same a speedfight and it is rapid

wow, not a whole lot of action here on this post. I'm in the same boat with you Blaz except I have the added situation of being maybe one of three owners of this scoot in the USA. There are so many choices I dont know what to buy! I mean, do most of the parts work together or when I purchase my larger carb will it work with the air cleaner of my choice? I am ready for the 70mm kit but really dont know what else I may need.