Performance Exhaust, Which one?

I have a 1980 P125x and I would like to install a performance exhaust and keep my spare tire where it is. What do you cats recommend?


I would say forget the PM as it just won’t pull in top gear, you need a kit or tuned motot for these to work, but PM have introduced a budget Stainless system to their range which might do the trick and is about half the price of a normal PM tuning pipe. Failing that put a Scorpion on, make sure it’s jetted to suit you’ll have to play around but go from larger down over.

I agree with Scootraider, go for the Stainless Scorpion. Good pipe for the money and doesn`t need chroming either


I beleive if you want to keep everyhting standard, go for PM pipes as they work well with non kitted engine.