Performance exhaust for '69 Rally 180...? HELP

I'm trying to source a new exhaust for my 1969 Rally 180. The scooter isn't tuned, it's stock standard.

I would like to get some more out of it combined with a bit of noise!

My concern is that I have to have it shipped to Australia so it needs to fit. The rear mounting is to the right and is currently a single bolt towards the back of the engine.

Also (if an SIP technical adviser is hopefully reading this), what would freight be to Sydney?

The JL's look quite nice but will they fit?

Many thanks one and all,

Simon (downunder).

[email protected]


Hi dude


Basically you can use all tuning pipes for the PX200.

The only thing that you have to do is a round about 10% higher mainjet and a light modification on the pipe bracket.