Perfect balance

Many years ago I prepared many small frame vespa. From mildly to savage tuning. I was almost always able to find a a good balance between power and gear ratio.
Then I didn’t touch a vespa for many years and dedicated myself
to play with bigger engines.
This year I had a nostalgic stroke and I bought a px 125.
I tried DR,Polini, Pinasco, reed, longstroke and I got to the conclusion that either I have power and too long gear or less power and almost right ratio.
I tried 21 clutch tooth from cosa 200 with everything else standard or all px 200.

Now I decided, with some bittertaste, to sacrifice Polini or Malossi power for a more global balance. I am building Pinasco 177, reed inlet , longstroke crank.

Did you have the same problemes finding the right gear ratio?
Do you know ather market gear choises for latest px 125?

Up to now I didn’t play around with tires size. Maybe…