Parts price warning!

just a note to everyone that uses european shops such as s i p to order parts.the current trends seem to be to advertise in scootering quoting a euro price and then a pounds sterling price which usually appears dirt cheap.for a start most of these prices EXCLUDE VAT! .secondly on my last order to sip i was sent a return e-mail quoting total order value as £440 but by the time my credit card company had processed it into pounds the actual bill came through on my statement at £543!!.some adverts say in very small print „based on an exchange rate of 1.65“ when you add euro vat/p+p and an actual exchange rate of 1.32 from your credit card company the exchange rate was worked out to be 1.18.bear this in mind before NOT using and english shop because their quoted price is £5-10 dearer.other than that a first class service from s i p

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

hello Vespadoctor, we advertise net prices for 2 reasons: all english dealers do so, so we want to make our prices comparative. Second SCOOTERING mag is published in much more countries than just UK, for example USA, Asia etc. In these countries outside the EU we don´t charge VAT, so if we would publish prices including VAT we would advert more expensive than we charge later. We state this clearly in all the adverts. At the moment the value of the EURO is going up quickly - that makes it difficult to have always a correct exchange rate in the printed magazines. So we can only print the exchange rate we use. That is all not 100% satisfying but it is the nature of the exchange thing. In our online shop we have a much better option: daily exchange rate brought to us daily from the european central banc. This comes very close to what you will get charged later.
Sorry if anyone else made similar experience as vespadoctor, but if you use our new shop you should be fine now!

alot of companys are doing the -VAT thing, all of PM tunings prices don’t include VAT, some things sound like a bargin then you call up and some how they’re not. I got a bunch of stuff off them a while ago, I worked out the vat and predicted total cost for it, and then some how the bill came in like 30 pounds over what I had predicted, I asked them how this was so, and the guy was just like „thats the pirce mate, take it or leave it“ to be honest he was pretty rude, in the end i took it just because I couldn’t arsed to ring around for other prices.

thanks for the frank and honest reply ralph,but as you can appreciate to expect a bill for £440 and get charged £543 that is a bit of a difference.not your fault i know its more a warning about hidden costs and money grabbing credit card companies,not a complaint against s i p.thanks again

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984