Parts on back order, no communication!

Been buying parts off SIP for years and never had service as bad as this, indicator set in stock according to website but still no sign, rear light unit was supposed to be on order weeks ago! sent numerous emails and no reply. Very very poor!!!

Hi Patrick, sorry to have to let you know, but the MY rearlight is still not delivered from Piaggio, we are waiting since many month. Scheduled delivery date is beginning of august, but we will again inquire in Italy if they cannot supply earlier. We will contact you as soon as goods arrive.
Sorry for the long waiting!


Hi Ralf, thanks for the reply, i appreciate it, I need the parts a bit quicker than that so i’m afraid i’ll have to cancel the order. bike is finished and just waiting for those parts. If you could confirm that the order is cancelled i’d be grateful. thanks again for your help. Patrick…

Hi Ralf, my invoice number is 00021698, my client number is 14314, my order was dealt with by Tobias. The order was placed on 25.05.07. would be grateful for any help. many thanks. Patrick…

Hi Ralf, have managed to source a rear light unit, can you send the indicator set? website is showing them to be in stock, could you let me know if this is the case? if so, i could do with them as soon as possible. Many thanks. Patrick…

please send me a PM with your customer no. and I will sort out things for you, ok?
Sorry for any inconvinience.

Greetings, Ralf