Parmakit W-Force 144cc Race Engine Gearing Advise

Hi Guys,


We are building a small frame vespa race scooter and specing it to the parmakit race bike;


Aluminum Cylinder Kit Race Force 144cc.

New Parmakit performance Crankcases

Reed Valve W-Force

Full exhaust SP-09 W-Force

Special Crankshaft W-Force 15-20 Cone Plug-Back Full-Billet connecting rod 105

Electronic Ignition Billet Flywheel 1 kg.

Reinforced Clutch Challenger 4 Discs 10 garter springs

38mm Carburetor Dell'Orto


We want to use a new gear box and clutch basket either Crimaz or DRT gear box and clutch basket / primary drive but we cannot find any data on engine and gear box so we cannot accurately calculate / estimate the correct teeth and final ratios.


Does anyone in the racing scene have any experience with this set up and willing to give good advise on what they are using or best for our set up?