Parmakit Ignition in a PX210 2004?

I have installed a new Parmakit electronic ignition kit to my Malossi 2004 PX210.

The instructions that come with it are not exactly brilliant. I have it running and set to the correct timing and am please with the performance. The problem is one wire from the stator (red/white). I have no idea where it goes. The instruction say ' cable red-white must be isolate', what the hell does that mean???

I have downloaded the Vespatronic diagram and on that kit the red/white goes to the charge terminal on the regulator/rectifier. When I wire it up like that, my horn and lights fail to work.

I am connecting the red/white to the existing PX loom at the regulator so there are now 2 wires going into the regulator/rectifier.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated as I am stumped????????



Isolate means not connected to anything.