Parcels of the christmas orders


I've ordered during the 16%off (in dec 06) some products...
I'm waiting for informations because the parcels aren't still sent...

I am not very lucky like you :frowning:

I ordered on 11.01.2007, but still no parcel info in user are, and no charge in the credit card.

Should be sometime early next week. I ordered 2/1/07 and they only sent mine out on Friday.



Me too!
I ordered on 6/1, but still no parcel info in user area.

Give it some time. I know they are pretty busy right now with a huge backlog.

I have the same problem.
I’ve ordered on 6/01/07 but i’ve received no parcels yet.

I ordered 28.12.06 and got mine 10-01-07  ( with a double front fender… I ordered just one ! ) en placed a second on 14-01-07… and i’m still waiting !

„my parcels“ says " no orders has been send to you " or whatever…

HEy!!, i just recieve a mail from UPS ans SIP about my package!!!, so i think very soon i will have it in my house.