Parcel to Australia

G'day Ralf,

  I was just wanting to know how long it would take for a parel to be sent to Australia, and if there are any extra cost, or if you have any tips for when ordering,

cheers mate.


Hi Ralf,

So when you get to the end of an order and it gives you the price details, that is final or just an estimate?

I should also ask if the are any other hidden charges, like import taxes or insurance, extra shipping costs anything?any thing i should know.                                                                                         and what about insurance, what cover is there?

Ralf, if it was you here in Aus would you go for UPS Expedited or DHL.

also does SIP take Mastercard Debit.

Sorry for asking so many questions but it's my first time buying anything from overseas and the internet, im a virgin at this [:D], and i really want these things.

Thanks for all your help, Take care.


Hi Adrian,

there is a topic in our forum already about shipping to Australia. You can find it here.
Generally UPS is very fast but expensive. DHL means 10 days to 3 weeks, no tracking, but much more economic. We ship a lot with DHL and one parcel got lost, more than one year ago. So I think we can say the service is safe enough.
If you fill your shopping basket you can in the end see the shipping cost calculation if you have country „Australia“ selected. Try it!

Greetings, Ralf