Parcel Backlog

Hi SIP, any chance of you advising how much of a backlog there is on orders at the moment?

I know with the close period over Christmas and the 16% discount there will be a bit of a backlog, but people are starting to get worried - I think if you just say what sort of delay there is people will be a lot happier.



Well today, 4 business days later they got it sent out to me. But they sent it EXPEDITED not EXPRESS like I paid for??? VERY ANNOYING! but at least it has been shipped…

Mine's on it's way, ordered 2/1/07 normal delivery. Think it's just a backlog, nothing else to worry about.

Do still think SIP could have alleviated people's worries with ONE posting on here saying there was a backlog of x days and they were working hard to get everyone's orders out. Maybe they've all been too busy picking and packing to type...?[;)]


Hi jim … i can understand the parcel backlog but the unanswering of emails from worried customers like myself is realy anoying , ive no idea whats happening with my order or even if its being processed …           cheers   ger.

As we speak my parcel is flying through the air to Dublin ..thank god ![:)]

Finally got mine yesterday. Still wondering why they charged me an extra $200 and still sent it via UPS Expedited.