Knowledge of sending a letter to DHL 

We were awaiting the delivery of the order of constant v / consignment note No. 91235170 DG, ever since the day I arrived in Portugal 22/07/2010. 
Today the 26th of July in the Garden Street # 35-A 2070-084 Cartaxo in at about 11.30 we had in our mailbox a notice hanging us that we were put in contact with DHL, so we did, and they said the same will be delivered on the 27th morning. 

But what happens at the address indicated, we awaited the delivery by DHL that the order!because Sr.entregador not deigned to warn of their presence in any way at the gate had entered my mobile number, or knocked at the gate warning that he would be there to make the actual delivery, as does the Personal Post Office, if nobody meets the warning to leave then your survey in Nearest Station. 

I know that DHL does not have such services, did not think any agency near here?? 

It is a lack of attention to customers SIP, since no one is bound to be many days behind the doors, awaiting the delivery of an order that is delivered after the time limits provided for in v / site. 

This has not been given due attention, and as such will inform ov / SIP client for the purpose of this does not happen again, asking to repair a damage caused by taking into account that the delivery would be made between 3-5 days ... is in Portugal since the day 22/07/2010.