Painting with spray cans

Anyone got any experience of spraying a moped with aerosols? I’ve seen
some scooters which look great which have been done with them.

Tips and hints I’m after really.

I was thinking of giving the existing coat a quick sand, then clean
it down with white spirit. Layer of primer, a few coats of top coat
and a couple of coats of laquer, light sanding of top coats and

Anyone know if I would need to primer it, and also if I would need
to sand the primer down?

Don’t think there’s any laquer on there at the moment as some spilt
petrol removed the top coat…

jim, aerosol paint is like water, but if you do the following over your existing topcoat, it should be ok.

Prep existing surface with 400 then onto 800 grade w&d.

apply around 5 or 6 light coats and then finish with a wet coat *(ie; apply a heavier coat , holdin the nozzle as close as you dare without creating runs)

when fully cured, flat off with 1500 grade and then hand buff to a shine (T-cut will do but G3 is better)