Painting t5 exhaust?

has anyone ever repainted thier exhaust with heat proof paint? cos on my t5 the exhaust is sound, just a lot of surface rust (like they all do)
if i was to rub it down to clear the loose rust, would heat proof paint make it look tidy?
anyone got any recommendations for brand of paint?

Ive used BBQ paint and it seems good;D

Yes mate…I’ve painted a few exhausts,(standard + Simonini) and learnt a big lesson about brand of paint.Don’t use Halfords or any of the cheaper ones,they’re crap and only last a few months before burning up and rusting…the best paint to get is called ‚Sperex‘…make sure you get as much of the rust off as you possibly can and paint it with that…you could also try painting it with bar b que paint using a paintbrush…never done it myself but a few people I’ve spoken to say it works…hope this helps.[:drink:]