Paint Process

What is the best process for paint removal and small repairs prior to repainting? I have heard many state that Acid is a good way to go, but have heard that this can cause damage to welded materials and may have longer term effects. Bead sanding has also been said to be good. Any sugestions from those who have done it,and what the best paint process is?


Thanks Doc. I take your word for it. In the end, I believe that unless I am very strapped for cash, I’ll let a pro take care of it.


depends on whos painting it.if youre getting it done professionally i would recommend shot/sand blasting ,if youre planning an aerosol special yourself in the shed,use paint stripper, finish off with arotary wire brush in a drill,scuff all over with 120/180 grit abrasive then use an acid etch primer on the bare steel then apply a high build primer,wet flat that with 1200/1500 wet+dry paper,wipe very dry and clean stick your aerosols in a bucket of warm water for 10mins then start squirting it on.just incase you doubt my methods ive been an automotive sprayer for 15yrs so i do know my onions

I agree with vespadoc you cant beat having it blasted ive just had a scabby old pk frame blasted they used garnet dust seems less agressive than sand or grit and it came out shit hot just a light filling and a high build primer needed.What i will say though check around for a top quality service there seems to be a lot of bodgers about (just used to blasting railings and stuff not thin italian tin ware)i`ve had stuff done where they blasted the easy bits and left all the fiddly awkward bits.i paid £35 to have my pk blasted and coated in bonda primer(cheap as chips and a whole lot easier than sanding) thanks Adrian[:dance3:]