Packing Cylinder head Polini 177

Hi All,

Anyone who has a Polini 177 installed have they got a cylinder head gasket also? my kit has not got this included…

Packing cylinder head PX80-
150 POLINI, d=65mm, strength=
1.5mm, aluminium
Art.-no. 90782000
Weight: 10g
Unit of quantity: Piece



hello pyperb,

Polini 177 comes with no head gasket and if you put the head on a fine sand paper on a glass ( or any very flat surface ) and you gently rub it with round moves you won’t need one.
Just to be sure from leaking, you could use some special paste for head, fit the head nuts at the proper torque and you are done.

1,5mm head gaskets are for using with longstroke.