Package doesn't work


I purchased on 16/05/2010 for almost 70euro's of items, but when I click on 'package' in the user area,

the site says: there is no package.


Is this normal? because it's the first time I buy items on this site.





I still haven't received e-mail info and DHL knows anything about a package with that code.

Can you inform me about the parcel?


Hi dude



Your parcel is stil on the way.

Did you receive d the tracking information ?



If not this is your tracking code via DHL:




Normally the parcel to you takes 3- 6 working days.





Hello Tretzeroig,

Your parcel will be shipped today, 25 May 2010, by DHL.

Best regards,


Oh yeah! [Y] Thanks!

No, I didn't receive the info. Time to wait.

Hi dude


Unfortunaley your parcel was shipped yesterday because we got 400 parcels a day to ship.


We´ve sended the tracking informations to you via email.



How many days does it take as usual to send a package when you have this 400 parcels?

I have a package too and just wanted to know how much do you think I have to wait.