P200E with H4 flywheel....new spacer..need info pls!

Hi guys, i was just looking at the H4 light flywheel. I have a 180ss with a Modified P200E engine. I have the H4 on the bike right now, but i've been having trouble with it. The idle is so-so...a little choppy at time...there is a slight hesitaiton at 1/8th throttle then picks up okay and always dies at 1/2 throttle mark. 

I just noticed that there is a spacer ring for the H4 to help with ignition cut-outs...can this help me out? this is the part number in question:50011300



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the item code for the flywheel is 5002000


if you check the description for the coil you will see that it  mount for et3 and also px





Hey Larocca...it's not that the flywheel is touching or rubbing parts of the stator....it's that with the flywheel on, there is no lip that covers the whole stator plate like on a stock flywheel. The HP4 is just flat, so when it goes in, it's coving the stator properly and like i said if i look on top, i can see the screw that holds the stator plate and half of the pickup...which seems to me that 1/2 of the pickup is working with the flywheel and the other 1/2 isn't. Is this a bad thing? 




if there are parts stickuing out of the wheel maybe there can be problems

you have to check if they touch somewhere


please post a pic of the flywhhel that you want to mount



Hey Larocca, what's up??? well if the problem is the Hp4 then i can give it to my bro. he has a few vespa's at home. I think he also has the origional one, i'll see if he still has it...actually he has about 3-4 flywheels at home and i'm not sure which one is the right one for me? with the numbers marked on the flywheels, how can i figure out which one is the right one for me?

With part of the pickup sticking out of the flywheel, can this cause problems? thanks



Larocca...thanks for the reply. The thing is that i don't really have starting issues..the bike does start...it has a tendency of dying just past 1/2 throttle (while bike is idling)...which one is the flywheel you are refering to? (1600g)??? is it the stock one or another "lighter" flywheel? 

The other think i just came across...i don't know if it makes a difference or not, is that I was looking at the different "pickup" coils, and noticed that the one i have (with the green wire) is marked for an ET3 on the SIP site...but i think the one i need is the one for vespa PX..right? would it make a difference which on i have? 




LaRocca, hi there...if you can, could you give me the stock flywheel part number?  I think it may be flywheel related. I do know that when i installed the H4 on my bike, it didn't sit all the way in like a stock flywheel does, there was a bit of a gap..so much so that i could almost see a bit of the stator plate..not sure if this is normal on the H4's.




Hi LaRocca, how are you? so i found 3 possible flywheels at my bro's house and i'm sure one  of them belonged to this engine..let me know whatcha think? thanks..sorry for the bad Res.

  FW #1:











[URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s43/fabchef/?action=view&current=DCP_0266.jpg][IMG]http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s43/fabchef/th_DCP_0266.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Thanks fabs

Hey Larocca, how are you?


So i went to take a  closer look at the H4 flywheel i have on now..I was looking with the light and i can see inside, i saw the screws that hold the stator plate..i also spotted the pickup coil. you know how the pickup coil for this engine has 2 long metalic strips on the top...well i can see the inner one..it doesn't pass in the flywheel...can this cause any problems? thanks




hi ..


the spacer is a good choice to resolve the ignition problem !

but honestly the better choice for your setup would be the pk special flywheel with round about 1600 g.

with the weight of 1000 g of the hp4 wheel you risk to break your clutch and your bearings earlier than with a pk wheel ...



hmmm ...


i sounds a bit strange....

i think the best way is to dismount the hp4 and check the coils and the hp4 wheel

than sell the hp4 on ebay and buy the special wheel that i recommended you

believe it works very well !

still got it on my scoot