P200E Tuning - Advice

Hi folks. First post here. I am currently looking for a big upgrade of my beloved P200E. It's mainly a daily rider and on occasions I go on trips with my town's club. I have spent a lot of hours on every vespa forum to gather opinions on the setup I am thinking of. So far I have made a few upgrades. I have upgraded my clutch (reinforced basket, 4 discs with harder springs, reinforced cir-clip and a new baseplate), a BGM Pro Faster Flow, SIP Road 2.0, 125 mainjet and I have drilled the air filter. The parts I am thinking of are the following.





Cylinder Head


Primary Drive


Carburator (already ordered)

Carburator -BGM PRO Faster Flow Dellorto / SPACO SI26/26E- Vespa PX200

Just to clarify. I don't want to install big carbs with manifolds, etc. I want to keep the look and sound of the engine as stock as possible.

Would you consider this a good setup??

Thanks for any advice...

Hi there,

seems like a good bunch of parts. But "the devil is in the details", as the Germans say...

Here is what I mean.

You should also modify the transfer ports from the crankcase to the barrel as the Malossi has a different transfer port layout.
Therefore you must strip the engine completely and do some manual milling. When you do this, it is obvious that you also open up the inlet area below the carburetor (perform an "ovalisation").

Also I think that you'll need a complete new and more performant clutch instead of changing some cheap parts.

Regarding the carb, it is recommendable to do a complete new jetting procedure instead of installing only a bigger main jet.