P200E - Polini (ish) Motor advice - SiP or anyone else Opinions please?

Ok here's what I have got:-

Worb 5 Polossi Barrel with 68.8mm Polini Asso 2 ring piston

MMW Polini Head

MMW Banded 23tooth Cosa Clutch

Race crank 58mm

PX200 Lusso Gearbox

PX200 MY Flywheel w/o starter ring

Si24/24E with 128 main jet

Sitoplus exhaust


I did have a T5 4th but found there enough torque to pull the P2 gear no problem.


I already have bought the following ready for an engine rebuild after the season this year:-

XT2000 Clutch bearing

SiP Carbon Plate Clutch kit

Serie Pro Clutch shim


I am thinking of the following

MecEur 60mm Crank

Reinforced Clutch Circlip

Serie Pro Primary rebuild kit

PEP 3.0 exhaust


I need to know :-

1) What your opinion of my current set-up for this season is ? Carb jetting especially.

2) What your opinion of my longstroke idea is ? What jetting would you recommend ? What Ignition timing ?

3) Do SiP offer a 1.5mm Polini Cylinder base Packing?

4) If anything what you change about my settings ?


I live in an area with lots of hills and will be using the scooter as a tourer and also for daily driving, I need good dependable torque , a  125kmh top end and good long life from the engine.

Thank you in advance.

I was going to send you a link but just realised you posted on the same link anyway!


Do you know if I would need the gear selector box that has the operating arm that finishes paralell with the gasket face when in 3rd? or is the one that finishes 1.5mm(?) above? (or is it below? I can't remember.




I have never had any problems with the covers , they are pretty much the same across the range.

Sorry for the delay in replying, I have seen that thread and its just a case of sorting out which information is relevent to my set-up I guess.

I am not 100%  sure but I think its art no 12135300 that you need, along with the EFL Lusso selector wheel.

Take more advice though before ordering.



You kit sounds simmilar to the engine im about to rebuild. Sorry i cant help you with the answers to your questions but maybe you could help me? please?!

I notice you have the lusso gearbox fitted. what else do you need to change for a lusso gearbox conversion, as my rally 200 engine rebuild has, im told, lusso gears. (it does not mean it used to run like this. I just happen to have a few spares from here and there im hoping to use effectively.

do i need to change the drive shaft, cruxiform, primary gearing, gearbox selector cover to a lusso too?

The lusso gear selector box i have does not quite fit correctly on the rally cases, 'being too long'. It bolts on ok but then the cover will not match up or fit correctly. And i would not like to say that it selects gears ok either.

Is it possible to mix and match gear  box components from rally and lusso?

 Could I also use the gear selector box housing from the rally and the insides, actuating arm etc, from the cosa?

I have to buy some parts anyway to match what ive got. either the rally or lusso gearbox. I would prefer to have a better lusso gearbox if it fits ok.

please see my other threads concerning this.

Out  of interest, whats wrong with the set up you have now and why do you want to upgrade the upgrade? hat kind of cruising speeds are you managing?

Ah ha!

I re read what you wrote.

So, you suggest the original Rally gear selector box (a must), with the matching (for the gearbox) Lusso actuating arm AND wheel from a Lusso selector box.

And there was me thinking I may have to re weld the original wheel in a different position if this was an issue! DOH!

Makes perfect sense!

Any issues with fitting the cover that you know of?

Thanks again for your help

Im sure you must have seen this but just in case....



There's nothing wrong with it , its just I am curious to find out if the longstroke conversion will make it even better. Its got very good torque and pulls up hills easily in 4th gear. I was using a T5 4th gear but found it was a little too short, there is more than enough torque to pull the P200 4th. It's still running in after a rebore so I can't tell you top end but i would estimate it will cruise at 120kmh and top out at approx 130-135kmh when fully broken in.

My P200E is a very early model January 1978 , so had the same gearbox as the late Rally 200. I changed the mainshaft , all 4 gears , selector rod, cruciform , gear selector box, rear hub bearing, used a 30mm hub seal , EFL/T5 extrenal seal type hub and the EFL T5 Hub nut kit. The primary is the same. The selector box conversion you mention should work just fine. The Lusso gearbox is so much stronger for a modified engine set-up it really is almost essential for reliable use of a tuned engine.

I just wish the Parts and Tech guys at SiP would answer the queries on here !!

many many thanks

i just sent a question to the tech dept.

I'll just have to wait a week or so for a reply

Did you have any luck?

...another post is on its way...pinasco heads...