P200E - Flywheel rubbing on casings - SIP VAPE ignition system AC

Hi there folks,

I'm hoping someone can please help, as my head is melting and I'm running out of time before a planned big trip! I'm doing my first complete engine rebuild. I've got to the point that I'm trying to fit my new flywheel that came with the SIP VAPE Ignition system.

When you place the flywheel on (even without tightening the nut), the back of the flywheel is rubbing on the casings.

When I compare the new and old flywheels, the 'tube' (sorry - not sure correct name) on the inside, that has the slot for the woodruff key and fits over the shaft, sticks out further on the old flywheel than on the new flywheel. Indeed when I place the old flywheel on, because this 'tube' sticks out further, it creates clearance from the casings and there is no scraping at all. 

Are there different flywheels that come with this kit and maybe they have sent me the wrong one??


I do have a mystery thick washer that as yet has not gone anywhere (I still have forks and hubs/wheels to reassemble, so hoping it's from there?), but could I have missed it from somewhere during the engine rebuild? I did place the thick washer with groove in the clutch where the autolube cogs go on those models (mine is without autolube). The rogue washer has outer diameter of 22mm, inner diameter of 13mm and thickness of 2mm and no grooves etc - just round. It does show signs of a shake proof washer with teeth being tightened on one side. Would love to identify this!!

Would really appreciate any help/suggestions/advice etc