P200 vs t5 both w/malossi kits

I have 2 motors- a P200 and a t5 125
I want the most power available, but still wish for a degree of reliability- all other things equal-(porting proper jetting, etc…)
which motor would be faster-
A p200 motor w/a malossi 210 kit, an SIP pipe, and a 30mm D`llorto carb…

A t5 125cc w/the malossi 171 kit, SIP pipe, and a 30mm D`llorto carb?



Hello Percy,

I would prefere the T5-engine with Malossi-kit, standard carb, 21 theeth clutch, P200 4th gear and maybe the SIP-Performance pipe for touring.

If you want to get a Poser-bike, than I would prefere the P200 engine!


Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]