P200 strange serial Number VDL1M

Dear Friends

I just purchased  in a vespa  junkyard an engine casing , the guy told me it is a PX 200, the serial numer is VDL1M 029611, the guy told me this is  special casing made for German market. I compared it with another brand new casing PX 200 form SIP, they look quite simitar in size, some lsight differences:

- Inlet for the card is slightly smaller

- The hole to pass cab;e from sator plate to junction (through the casing) is quite small but it has an oild pump system and no E start.

Any idea of what is that?






It seems that this is a spanish 200 engine.


Does it have two ball bearings for the crank??





Did you ever find out the details of the motor?  I just purchased a 200cc engine also, and it also begins with VDL1m.  This prefix is not on any of the websites that show frame and engine numbers.  It's also not listed with the "Motovespa" which I think is the Spanish Vespa.  Where did you buy yours?   I live in Vietnam, and mine is from here.  I know some Vespas here were mfg. in Taiwan or Indonesia as well as Italy. I don't know if they mfg. 200cc motors in Taiwan or Indonesia under license.



Hi Pierre,

I don't know I got the carnk case completely empty. I the I have notice is the passage for the wire loom from the strator plate is much smaller than the PX 200 .

Does SIP have the parts to rebuild it? (including the 2 bearing balls if spanish) , I was thinking to pinasco 225 cc with 60 mm crankshaft. I have all the gear weels, output shaft and primary drive from an old PX 150 I think I just need to buy new Clutch and primary drive 65 teeths wheels .

I would need :

Piston cylinder cylinder head Pinasc

Crankshaft 60 mm

Cluctch cosa reinforced

Clutch cover

65 teeths primary wheel (it shold match the clutch)

Carb. 24/24 (complete)

Electronic ignition But not vespatronic or parmakit but nor Indian things either; unless you recommend the quality.

Complete gasket Kit

Complete Bearing Kit

Complete Old seal and o ring Kit

Complete bolts and nuts kit (including circlip, D bolts studs etc,,)

Can you recommend me the right parts? Can you confirm what I can re use from a 1984 PX 150? If you need pics let me know which detail you want to see.