P200 Hub Questions?

Hey Folks,

A couple questions in regards to my 1979 P200E rear hub:

There was some slight play in the rear hub when torqued correctly...if I grab the tire at the 3 oclock & 9 oclock position & push/pull on the hub has about an 1/8th inch worth of play. I took off the hub to find the teeth a bit worn & the seal surface mushroomed slightly.

I had a hub & oil seal from a later PX with the 30mm seal surface...so I replaced the old 27mm one with that. I torqued it to 65ft pounds...but it still has a slight wobble. The splines of both the rear drive & the PX hub looked to be in good shape.

To be honest there has always been a slight wobble back there....nothing major or noticeable while riding...just unsettling when I think about it.

Any ideas on what is causing this? I don't think it is a bearing issue...but they may have worn prematurely ?1?!

Also....it looks like the 30mm PX hub is a direct fit with the correct oil seal...is there any reason that I should not run this on a 1979 P200E?

Any help appreciated.




I think 1/8 inch is a little bit much, but there is always some play in the hub even when torqued up correctly. As an example, I bought a brand new hub for my 2003 PX and it has a 30mm base where the old one was 27mm. I am not sure if the old one waxs correct in any case, but the 30mm one fits the sealed rear hub bearing which is new and I also have some play - more in fact than with the old supposedly worn hub. Splines on the main shaft on mine are fine too. The problem is the new hubs are not that well machined.  Are the spacer washer or waqshers worn? They are cheap to replace and may help