P200 help needed!

My mate rang to say he is having problems:

Rode home from work 25 miles on p2, bike fine.

Left bike 5 - 10 minutes after getting home then kicked it off again, it started fine, then stopped within a few seconds (after idling in neutral).

Now kickstart will not move. Bike will freewheel in neutral or with clutch in. Also gear selection is fine.

Bike has no autolube, petrol supply to carb is fine.

What could be wrong, I can’t see how it would be a seizure as the petrol & oil getting to the carb is fine, the bike was idling and had been running fine, and it hasn’t loosened up after a few days (if it had seized, it would only have nipped/soft seized as it was only idling). What else could it be? Could piston rings breaking cause this?

please help all you knowledgable people!



Or could it be something to do with the flywheel?

Could be a circlip from the piston, better to remove the barrel and check.


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