P200 flywheel bearing!

Why do I still get movment,even though I’ve replaced the collar on the crankwith the new bearing?it was new but went after a couple of months,replaced it with new bearing, but the new one moves? is thier any diffrence between bearing’s(p200/px200)
and how hard is it to convert to a T5 bearing!
casings are good, just seem’s crap bearing’s![?[]

Can’t make Avon[:’(] ,would like to go just to see the germans!
I like it when people ride them till they blow!too many chrome coverd p2’s about!!
with the bearing’s it seems to wear as you get more play in certain postions?,thought it was a loose flywheel,but wasn’t the only thing Ican think is the timing is well out putting more strain on certain postions, but its fine!
My T5 bearing had no play when replaced, and after three years is fine so thougt might be able to use these,but the more I look,the harder it seems!

just as an example i recently built a 135 reed induction small frame and totally rebuilt the motor with new bearings. if i bought the bearings thru beedspeed they would have cost me a total of £26 for the 2 crank bearings, rear hub bearing and the clutch bearing(the one for the layshaft i think it was)
as it was i bought them from a local bearing supplier (BSL) all the correct clearances as they were written on the old bearings and the total was £7.50.
sip do a conversion bearing to use an ets crank in the 90 casings and they charge 20 odd quid for it whereas i bought the same bearing from BSL for £8[:D]

Hi Slidy, something I found with some „high speed“ bearings, especially rollers and loose collar inners (p2, gp etc) is there is more play at cold. I presume the intention is increase in diameter as heat builds up. BOLLOX as far as im concerned, cos how do the bearing manufacturers know what temp there working at, how much expansion? what application? A p200e bearing is the same as a PX200EFL bearing. They should be ok with the minimal play there is, but it is noticeable granted. Dont know about using a T5 bearing. Also, Are you going to Avon park? Long way from Exeter mind, Im being allowed out for the weekend! Yippee.

gp200ts1, I agree with you regards that the manufacturer will know the tolerances, but not the bearing supplier down the road from sip, or a uk dealer. There was the arguement in scootering a while back about buying genuine bearings from , say, a piaggio dealer supplying piaggio bearings, and buying the same bearing number (but different spec!!) from a bearing and seal stockist down the road. Some are cheaper from mr. bearing stockist, but different spec. Buy geniune or same spec. My clutch parts from sip werent genuine, are bearings, seals etc. Off 2 the pub now, COS I CAN!

all bearings are made to different tolerances. a smallframe crank bearing is a c3 clearance. this is different to a standard bearing to allow for thermal expansion. this is basic engineering standards and the r + d department at piaggio would have gone into all this specifying to bearing manufacturers what the bearing was needed for eg, speed loading, torque applied to the bearing, what heat range it was expected to work at, how it was lubricated, what the maximum expected revs were. so in answer the manufacturer would know what temp it was going to run at and how much play there would be.
on a p2 check that the outer race is a light tap fit into the casings. you will find that there is slight play when it is cold to allow for thermal growth when the motor is hot.[:D]