P200 chromed standard exhaust any good?

I need to get a new pipe for P200E -83, but am qiute satisfied with the way it runs as it is and don´t wanna put a perfomance pipe on it. Therefore I think I´ll go with a standard exhaust.

I figured the chromed one here at SIP looks a lot better than the regular black…However I´ve heard some trubling rumours that it causes a lack of performance. Anyone here using one of those? And if so, does it? If so, I guess I´ll get a original Piaggio exhaust. That I don´t want a performance pipe does not mean that I want it to loose power! [H]

Thanks in advance for advicing me!

I know few people that uses this kind of exhaust and reported no problem. It is true that it dissipates heat less then its black brother, but with a standard engine it is not really an issue.