P2 tuning!

How do fellas, standard type question for you all, I’ve bit the bullet already and want to kit up my P2, What sort of probs will i have and which „extras“ will i need to run a 210 mal and a Scorpion pipe? I will need to carry a spare and obviously need access to change it. The bike is only 1600kms old so what size jetting will i need to run and will i only need to change the main jet or do i have to change any of the others. I won’t be changing the carb at all so want a long term set up, will i have to alter timing at all if so what to? Any other advice welcomed.

The Malossi kit comes with a 130 main jet in the kit, I found that that was too rich for my setup and changed to a 128 once it was run in. The timing needs to be changed to 18 degrees btdc. You have to get your head machined properly, MB Developments do a good job or Taffspeed also offer them on an exchange basis. If you want performace out of the kit you have to have the casings milled to line up the transfer ports, the carb inlet milled slightly and the crankweb extented by around 20mm for longer inlet timing. If you want to be able to pull 4th without that 3rd - 4th jump put in a T5 4th gear. All that was done on my machine and a Sip Performance fitted. The only other thing is to get uprated clutch springs, as I kept killing clutches until I changed the springs. My machine never lets me down, starts 1st time, and cruises at 70 all day and tops out around 85 in good conditions and will hit 80 every time.