P2 si26mm

Has any one tried a si26mm card on a standard P2 with a Sito Plus exhaust or a Simonini dose it make the scoot go alot better or is it better to leave it with a24mm carb and if yes what jets would be best.[:dance2:]

forget it.they take so long to setup correctly that you may as well put a proper big carb on as even if they arent setup properly theyre still better

Dont know if it is any help but I have put an SI26mm on a standard PX150 with a Simonini. It is a lot better than the stock carb. I have not finished setting it up yet so cant say what jets to use but as it is jetted for the 200 motor you should be able to just fit it then check it as you go to sort the jetting, but I recommend taking it to a shop with a Dyno to be set up properly. I will be taking mine as soon as it is run in.