P2 running lean

  having problems with my px200 , engine is totally standard and when i got the engine the timing was set between the 2 marks on the stator so i put it to the p2 setting . Took it out for a run checked the plug just in case and it was white , so i have put the stator back in between the 2 marks but it is still running lean . Totally at a loss with this anyone got any ideas with this ?

Ignition timing has nothing to do with your engine running lean. Check your Air/Fuel Mixture, you can adjust that by turning the pilot screw at the back of the carb housing. If your leaning out, you can screw it in (clockwise) to decrease the air, and plug check it again unitl you get the desired air/fuel mixture right. Remember, adjust it 1/4 of a turn at a time. Hope this helps.

Also make sure that you have the correct sparkplugs "heat range" for your engine. And in my experience, never ever "plug read" your motor with an old / used plug. Hope this helps.

For my PX200, I found that the optimal fuel/air mixture ratio 1 3/4 turns out from being fully turned in. Just try about 2 turns out from all the way in and give the throttle a squirt, if it seems to bog lean it a touch or vice versa.

If it runs alright then, go for a ride around and see what the pick up is like. The engine should rev up smoothly, a gentle brrrrr not a blat-blat. Also a slight reduction in vibrations when the engine is running smoothly would also be noted (this maybe just me but when I found the engine running tuned properly seemed to vibrate less).

Another thing you could try is using a ‚hotter‘ plug, at the moment I’m using a B6ES. Try a ‚hotter‘ plug or a ‚colder‘ and see which one yield better results along with adjusting the pilot needle.