Hello there!

I’ve now installed a P200-engine in my 1960 Vespa 150 Touring (VGLA1T). It all works great, idles nice, rides nice and I love the power![:dance1:]

But there is a slight problem;
when I’m letting go of the trottle on flat road or downhill, the engine has a problem. I actually don’t know how to explain it, but when letting go of the trottle or breaking on the gears, it doesn’t run smoothly anymore…

Its like someone is puting the brake on and off all the time, making me going back and forward on the seat…

It is really uncomfortable to run the scooter when it beaves that way…[:@]

So I hoped someone could tell me what to do to fix it?


sounds like your timeing!!!.dont think it would be fuel starvation as this would affect your acceleration. may also be a possible air leak somewhere

I’m not sure what you’re talking about but if I read it right then it sound’s like a fuel starvation problem