P2 Exhaust

Hi, i am sure this topic must have come up before but i have just got a Vespa after having lammys for a few years.
I have a standard P2 engine and initially want an expansion pipe for it.
I am looking for better acceleration and a bit more top end. not too peaky.
what would be the suggestions

thanks in advance


Niffy that site is great with the tests. Andy remember that the bike they tested that on was a very powerful 210 motor and your bike wont carry you to the rev range they were. If you want an expansion and you want it shiney get a RZ LH from SIP.

Yes i agree with that Curare. I think Vespas used to be a lot better made than they are now

Original von diablo: Taffy one is pretty quite but don't know if its legal as such.

My Taffy MK4 carries a BSAU mark.[;)]

Thanks for the replies, i have loked at the tests on the p200 and it looks like the rz left/ right hand are also very good, torquey and with good power band.
Would this be suitable also, ( I quite fancy the RZ right hand )

As a wee sideline here…is it only the Scorpion that is road legal and quiet compared to all the rip noisy others.

I love my PM on my 177 , but the neighbours don’t, while my PX200 just purrs away as standard.

(hark at me with 2 scoots the now)

Yes both are good. You won’t get much top end with simonini. Like pms curve but i’m having trouble with some of my engines that do a lot of motorway miles with them on. I think the baffle pipe is to thin and this is causing heat at the cylinder. Can’t prove it yet though.

I have no experience with any other setup but…

currently running a stock 2004 px200 with PM pipe (3000km so far).

in comparison to stock pipe it is definately a lot more fun accelerating through the gears

i dont ride very hard but it now revs out to just below 60km/h in 2nd (~38mph) and around 80km/h in 3rd (~50mph)

will cruise comfortably at 100km/h on the flat with no wind (~63mph) but takes a little while to pick up in 4th on a hill

not sure about top speed as it pinks around 110km\h (indicated)


(incidently i chose this pipe because i plan to go pinasco longstroke)

ok… disregard maybe my numbers they are obviously no good for comparison!

but it definately accelerates a lot quicker than with the standard exhaust

diablo: main jet is 120
not too worried about less than ideal performance at the moment as i,ve ordered a new cylinder kit and crank - will get someone else to set it up for me ;D ;D ;D

Hi this seems like another P2 that pinks. Im starting to think it may be something to do with the cylinder heads.

Take a wee butchers at this site…

PX200 exhausts

The RZ right is a very good exhaust, but if you buy it you must be preparfed to immediately modify its silencer support. You can just trow away the rubber block and weld a small piece of something to its place. Or either it will break before fitting or if it fits with no problem it will break later.

Diablo is right concerning the Simonini. But for the money I still say you can’t buy better.

Andrewavich did you upjet your carb?perhaps thats why it pinks?

I found too that few 200 when you change the exhaust with an expansion start pinking so I cured them retarding the timing.
I didn’t investigate on the head, but it really seams that the timing advance in the PX200 is limit for its set up and a small change could make it start pinking.

Expecially when the timing is set on A mark that is 23 degree and when you check it with the strobo (and getting the degree with a comparator or degree disk) is 24-25 then you have even less margin.
It is easy to find this kind of difference between the stator mark and the actual value. They are not great differences, but can make a difference.

Original von diablo: Yes i agree with that Curare. I think Vespas used to be a lot better made than they are now

Does Huggy Bear inpersonationThe word on the street is they use Asian part’s now,Starsky my man.[:D]


if you want to fit an expansion on a PX200 standard engine for me basically you have two choices:
if you don’t want to spend too much get a Simonini
if you can afford it get a PM
Both will give you, with this engine the nicest power curve.
Don’t get an expansion that will penalize your engine low down and that boost too much the higher rev. Your engine will get weaker were you most often use it and will get stronger in a rpm range that it very seldom will reach…if it will reach it…

Taffy one is pretty quite but don’t know if its legal as such.

Andrewavich - I’m surprised by those figures. I have a completely stock 2002 (Millennium Ed) PX200 and, according to the speedo, it performs at least as well as your bike with the PM exhaust.

Maybe 60 km/h is a bit quicker in 2nd, but mine will easily do 80 km/h in third and cruises at 105-110 km/h (it tops out at about 115 km/h).

I’d suggest that there’s something not set up right with your pipe if the bike’s running no better than stock…