p2 casings

dont replly to this post its infected

got gremlins in me hard drive!.wot it should have said was…im looking for p2/px2/rally200 casings for full on reed conversion so anythin considered even with crank seal pad damage or complete seized motors/good motors.must be cheap ,may have parts u need or can provide labour for any vespa based project your not sure about,reply on this board or my e-mail is on my profile

you can have my old one for free if it’s any use - a bit mashed around the flywheel side (under the stator) but may be fixable???

it’s at a mates - i’ll send a photo next time i’m there…

just fitted the scootrs carb on my 210 - it cracks like an old air pistol!

very quick response - thanks for suggesting it to me.

struggling with the choke cable though - doesn’t like going back down! looks like i’ll leave the panel off for a while…